Brand Development

Live Experience

Chris led the following video projects to add to the overall production value of live shows. The first is a pre-roll video used to dynamically introduce the talent on stage after his opening acts. The second video is a slideshow used prior to the show as guests are being seated. Shows that utilized the videos displayed a marked increase in social engagement and merchandise purchasing.






Online Store


Unera had full autonomy handling the Official Jo Koy Merchandise Online Store. According to Merch Method, the company’s merchandise vendor, analysis of their website’s metrics revealed that the year Chris was in control (3/13-3/14) compared to the previous year achieved the following (Y-O-Y):


389% store orders

356% sales

85% total page views

169% average pages viewed

31% Click Through Rate (CTR)

15% bounce rate




Acting as the main point of contact between the designer and the manufacturer, a total of 20 new designs and styles were launched within Chris’s time with the company. Pictured below are the concepts created by Chris. Over 3,000 units have been sold, which has grossed over $45K.






Another one of Chris’s duties included updating and maintaining while acting as the lead on its redesigns. With the new website, Chris made it a point to upgrade live event presentation, emphasize on social media and fan engagement, the overall look and feel of the site, and complete overhaul of the backend.  No metrics could be compared and analyzed due to the lack of previous records.